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Dunkin’ Donuts, a renowned global brand, has always been at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Recognizing the importance of rewarding its loyal patrons, Dunkin’ introduced its rewards program. Over time, this program has seen several changes, with the Dunkin’ Rewards system being the latest iteration. This guide aims to provide a detailed overview of the Dunkin’ Rewards program, ensuring that Dunkin’ enthusiasts can make the most of their visits.

Dunkin’ Rewards vs. DD Perks: Key Differences

Dunkin’ Rewards is a freshly minted loyalty program designed to supersede the prior DD Perks initiative. Let’s delve into the core distinctions that set this program apart:

Earning Points

Members of the Dunkin’ Rewards program have the fantastic opportunity to accumulate 10 points for every dollar they expend on eligible purchases. Furthermore, upon reaching a remarkable 12 visits within a single calendar month, these dedicated members gain access to the esteemed Boosted Status. This exclusive status bestows upon them the privilege of earning an enhanced point rate of 12 points for each dollar spent, constituting a remarkable 20% increase, and this elevated rate remains effective for an entire three-month period thereafter.

Redeeming Your Points

Dunkin’ Rewards members can save their points and turn them into rewards for free food and drinks! Rewards start at just 150 points, that’s only $15 spent!

Why Did Dunkin’ Replace Its Previous DD Perks Plan

Market dynamics and customer preferences are ever-evolving. Dunkin’ recognized the need to revamp its DD Perks to stay relevant and offer its customers an unmatched experience. The introduction of Dunkin’ Rewards was a strategic move to align with modern consumer expectations, offering more value, flexibility, and a plethora of rewards.

Do Dunkin’ Points Expire?

Indeed, should an account remain inactive for a period of 6 months (characterized by the absence of any Dunkin’ Reward point-earning transactions), the accumulated points will undergo expiration.

How to Join Dunkin’ Rewards?

Joining Dunkin’ Rewards is straightforward. Interested individuals can sign up via the Dunkin’ app or Once registered, they can start earning points on their purchases.

It’s noteworthy to retain that if your status as a DD Perks member is established, you will be seamlessly transitioned into the realm of Dunkin’ Rewards, devoid of any manual effort on your part.

On Which Purchases Do Dunkin’ Rewards Members Earn Points?

As per Dunkin’s guidelines, the opportunity to accrue points extends to a comprehensive array of Dunkin’ products procured at authorized outlets, except for the ensuing exclusions:

  • Purchase or reload of Dunkin’ gift cards
  • Redemption of reward coupons
  • Purchase of retail merchandise
  • Charitable contributions
  • Newspapers
  • Keurig Brewers
  • Products obtained through and analogous digital platforms
  • Baskin-Robbins merchandise available within Dunkin’/Baskin-Robbins hybrid establishments

Attaining Boosted Status: Requirements to Earn It

Upon accumulating a dozen qualifying visits within a single calendar month, devoted Dunkin’ Rewards members are granted the esteemed Boosted Status. This elevated position grants an exceptional 20% augmentation in points accrual, translating to a comprehensive 12 points earned per each dollar expended. The magnificence of this status resonates for an extended span of 3 months. Should the pattern of 12 or more visits per month persist, the tenure of Boosted Status will be prolonged by an extra month.

As each new calendar month commences, your visit count will gracefully reset to zero, irrespective of your Boosted Status standing, ensuring a fresh slate to embark upon.

What Is Considered a Qualifying Visit for Achieving Boosted Status?

To qualify for the revered Boosted Status, a visit should have a minimum time gap of 60 minutes from the previous one, coupled with the acquisition of an item eligible for points. It’s essential to note that the act of redeeming a free reward does not contribute to the tally of visits required for the attainment of Boosted Status.

How to Redeem Your Dunkin’ Rewards?

Loyal members have the privilege to exchange their hard-earned rewards using the Dunkin’ App, which presents two distinct avenues for redemption. Firstly, while physically present in-store, members can effortlessly utilize the app to scan the QR code associated with their reward at the register. Alternatively, for the digital-savvy patrons placing mobile orders, rewards can be seamlessly applied within the app’s cart before finalizing the order.

Keeping Track of Your Point Earnings

The rewards you’ve transformed will find their prominent display within the confines of the Dunkin’ App as well as within your account on, all visible upon successful sign-in to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, members earn the same number of points irrespective of their payment method.
Yes, members have the flexibility to use more than one reward in a single transaction.
Absolutely! Dunkin' Rewards members can earn points through various purchase methods, including drive-thru, curbside pickup, and in-store transactions.

Final Thoughts

Dunkin’ Rewards is a testament to Dunkin’s commitment to its loyal customer base. The program offers a plethora of benefits, ensuring that every visit to Dunkin’ is rewarding. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a donut lover, Dunkin’ Rewards promises to make your Dunkin’ experience even more delightful. So, the next time you’re at Dunkin’, remember to use your rewards membership to earn points and enjoy exclusive benefits!

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